Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NEW old dolls and flowers in the frost

Well you probably wonder what that title is about . Well to begin with we bought all these flowers to plant on Saturday and I am so glad they are not in the ground. Tonight and last night were frosty. I placed them all in the garage and they are sitting there just waiting for spring to arrive. Today we went to Walmart for groceries and we also bought dirt for my flower pots. So here it all sits.
Now about the new old dolls. About 5 years ago these are the dolls I made and sold all the time. I had people collect them but then I started making raggedy dolls and the pudgie girls got pushed aside. The people on the Internet did not seem interested in them so I moved on. However we are doing our show this fall in PIGEON FORGE TENNESSEE IN THE TENT BEHIND THE OLD MILL THE THIRD WEEK OF OCTOBER. So we stopped in at Countryside crafts http://www.countrysidepatterns.com/ when we were out shopping on Saturday and they were having a craft class and making the kite flying doll. Just fell in love with her sooooo to make a long story short I have started making my pudgies again. I have angels, Bitsy Ross, Uncle Sam, Trick or treat little girls dressed in pumpkin outfit and a cute little witch. I will post pictures as I finish them. I also bought the watermelon doll pattern. So I have posted the pictures of the doll parts I worked on today and painted and glued together. Keep checking back for updates on the dolls pictures.
My desktop computer is not taking my camera card anymore so getting pictures in here is a real pain. First i have to put them on my lap top then transfer them to a photo image place then come in here and retrieve them sooooo until I get it fixed there will probably be fewer pictures :( so sad.
Well gonna go "try" to figure out My space so I can check out my daughters and granddaughters lives. If I am not back soon come looking for me BAw Haw Haw

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