Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NEW old dolls and flowers in the frost

Well you probably wonder what that title is about . Well to begin with we bought all these flowers to plant on Saturday and I am so glad they are not in the ground. Tonight and last night were frosty. I placed them all in the garage and they are sitting there just waiting for spring to arrive. Today we went to Walmart for groceries and we also bought dirt for my flower pots. So here it all sits.
Now about the new old dolls. About 5 years ago these are the dolls I made and sold all the time. I had people collect them but then I started making raggedy dolls and the pudgie girls got pushed aside. The people on the Internet did not seem interested in them so I moved on. However we are doing our show this fall in PIGEON FORGE TENNESSEE IN THE TENT BEHIND THE OLD MILL THE THIRD WEEK OF OCTOBER. So we stopped in at Countryside crafts http://www.countrysidepatterns.com/ when we were out shopping on Saturday and they were having a craft class and making the kite flying doll. Just fell in love with her sooooo to make a long story short I have started making my pudgies again. I have angels, Bitsy Ross, Uncle Sam, Trick or treat little girls dressed in pumpkin outfit and a cute little witch. I will post pictures as I finish them. I also bought the watermelon doll pattern. So I have posted the pictures of the doll parts I worked on today and painted and glued together. Keep checking back for updates on the dolls pictures.
My desktop computer is not taking my camera card anymore so getting pictures in here is a real pain. First i have to put them on my lap top then transfer them to a photo image place then come in here and retrieve them sooooo until I get it fixed there will probably be fewer pictures :( so sad.
Well gonna go "try" to figure out My space so I can check out my daughters and granddaughters lives. If I am not back soon come looking for me BAw Haw Haw

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

Well Barb and Jane, Brandon and Kaila arrived here on Thursday night around midnight. On Friday they decided we needed to go to the nursery and buy flowers. Off we went. I love going there but it is a little early in the season to plant all of them. Barb bought me a flat of yellow petunias and a flat of red and white impatience for mothers day. We brought all our flowers home and I potted my mother a pot for mothers day. This year I made all the flowers pink in it. I will keep it for a few weeks to get it growing before I take it to her. I bought the same to pot for my mother in law for mothers day but ran out of potting soil so I will get some this week at the store. Then Kaila and I planted some yellow petunias in a flower box and sat it back in place. I still have 3 huge geraniums to plant, some white flowers(?) for the hanging pots on the front porch, and some pretty pink flowers(?) for some pots. Still need to buy a flat of marigolds and a flat of red petunias and a flat of white petunias.
Then they went and got mom and dad while I got supper ready. We grilled hamburgers, baked french fries, and baked beans. Then we all sat on the front porch and just talked.
On Saturday my feet and legs hurt me very bad. They thought we needed to go shopping so I left with them and we went to Wertz's a local five and ten cent store we all love. They have the best fabrics for low prices. So I bought a whole bunch of fabrics and we left to go to a little craft store up the road. We found it boring and they had the same merchandise as when we were there 3 years ago. They wanted to go to Joann fabrics but my legs hurt too bad and I just wanted to get home and into bed with my feet and legs up. We passed by countryside crafts and decided to stop there. That was alright because I knew I could sit there and talk to Suzie and Linda(the owners) they were finishing up with their morning craft class so I bought a kit to make the project. A darling little pudgie flying a kite I can't wait to start her.
We came home then and they went over to mom and dads to see how dad was. He fell out of bed on Friday night so they just wanted to stay home. I went to bed and put my feet and legs up while they went there. They told me he was alright just scraped up. So relieved to hear that don't know if I could handle another crisis at the moment.
They left to go home after we got home from church this morning. It is now 9:20pm and they are still on the road. They got into HEAVY rain all the way home and could not see the highway in some places. So Barb had to drive Jane home that is another two hours from her house then pick David up and drive back home. I hope the girls never ever drive this way again. Or else leave early in the morning for home.
Don is doing a whole lot better and his leg is hurting less and less but he is still not allowed to lift for another week
We are getting cold weather this week and possible frost so it is good we didn't plant the flowers out yet.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finally another post

Well here it is almost a week since I have posted anything. What a week it has been. We were sitting in church on Sunday morning when Don said lets go I don't feel good. So that really surprised and scared me since he never ever does anything like that. After we got outside then he told me he was real light headed and dizzy, his hands were real sweaty and clamy, and his chest hurt. Well since he has a history of stroke and open heart I told him we were going to ER. Of coarse he said no I'll just go home and lay down a little while. Wellllll let me tell you I was driving so we went to ER. What a lonely feeling that is. Sitting in waiting room all alone while he is in there. However enough feeling sorry for myself. We were in the ER for about 4 hours and they took him to a room overnight they said. Well on Monday they decided to do a heart Cath on him just to make sure. Thank goodness Donna, our daughter took off work and came and got me and drove me there. Don't know what I would have done without her there. To make a long story short he is fine Whew and back home sitting on the couch watching tv. He cannot lift anything for 2 weeks and could not drive for two days.

I did get a doll finished today. She is a raggedy angel I have been working on for a few weeks now. I just wasn't sure how to make her wings. I made her about three sets before I liked the last one. Then I had to figure out how to attach them. She is now listed on ebay.

Just want to show you a few pictures of my neighbors side garden that I look out my bedroom window to each morning. It is just so beautiful right now. Such a great way to wake up in the morning. Our red bud tree is really pretty this year too. The first year it has bloomed. I bought it from one of those magazines where they are 1cent. Well that was about 8 years ago. When it was planted it was about as big around as my little finger. Its brother or sister don't know which was eaten by a rabbit, so sad. But this one is beautiful this year.

Well time to go soak in a hot tub of water. Barb and Jane (my two daughters from Tennessee) are on the interstate driving here right now and I need to go pray awhile that they have a safe trip. This is the first time they have come alone without husbands driving. Kaila(granddaughter) and Brandon(grandson) are with them and also Maggie(granddog)

The weather is supposed to turn rainy and cold this week end that is sad to me because I love this warm sunny weather


Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake sunny summerlike Friday

Well they said we had an earthquake today but we didn't feel anything. Whew I am glad of that. It was simply perfect weather here today. We started early this morning and dug all the hostas out from the front of the house. I really wanted to redo the front flower beds in front of our front porch this year. Welllll after they were dug up and thrown into the front yard don started to "edge" the flower beds all around the house. I started the roto tiller and went to town. OH MY GOSH I thought my arms and hands were gonna fall off. I did get it done. went next door and Judi let me borrow her new tool to split flowers. OH MY GOSH my body protested the whole time. Well the hostas got split into four pieces so we had hosta everywhere. Judi took an entire wheelbarrow full of them to plant in her woodland garden. I planted the front of the flower bed and we still have an entire wheel barrow full of them. Dons mom and sisters are coming tomorrow and they want them.
then I split some mums and planted them all around the edge of the front beds. Mums are one of my favorite flowers. After that we came in and took showers and plopped on the couch and chair. then I had to finish doing laundry and grilling chicken on the grill for dinner.
See my bradford pear tree in the front yard? This is the first year it has flowered. All the other years the flowers always froze before they bloomed. It is so pretty.
Well gonna go work on a raggedy doll.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scarecrows on the front porch

Today was a beautiful day at our house. I cleaned house in the morning then I hauled all my "equipment" out to the front porch. I am working on 2 scarecrow wreaths. They are coming right along as you can see by the pictures.
this is my fav time of year just right temps, sunny, and I love to craft out on the front porch and it is so relaxing.
Tonight my neighbor brought over a hosta I have wanted for three years. She had Chuck, her husband dig me a start. It is sum and substance and it is beautiful. Well one thing led to another and I wound up digging up a big clump of hosta from the front flower bed, weeded all the unwanted weeds out and dug a hole for the "new" hosta. Needless to say I am sore now.
Oh well always tomorrow

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

grocery day yuck

Well it was a beautiful day. I thought it was chilly because the wind . Well we ate lunch and then went to the grocery store.
Came home I cooked hamburgers on the grill, baked some french fries, and opened a can of baked beans. wallla dinner.
After dinner I went to my studio and I cleaned it. Ran the vacuum and dusted and put patterns and fabric away. Now I am ready to get out there and work.
well I was going to print my Sadie and Jinx pattern out tonight that Debbie from simple country blessings gave me and lol and behold I couldn't find it anyplace on my computer. So being the dear she is I was going to buy one but she is in my fav ebay group, Country&Primitive ladies group, and she resent me the pattern THANK YOU DEBBIE.
Well it is printed out now and tomorrow I hope to cut it out and sew it. Think they would be good to sell at my show the third week of October in the rotary tent behind the OLD Mill in Pidgeon Forge Tennessee
Ok tomorrow is another day toodles

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunny Tuesday at our house

So today was really a beautiful day. Just a tad chilly. I looked out the window and Don had the tractor out mowing the yard. So after I cleaned the lunch dishes up and started the dishwasher I headed out the door. He was picking sticks up all back there by the woods, must have been a thousand on the ground. So I jumped(well maybe not jumped) onto the tractor and took off. I mowed the back yard. Loved it even though I had to empty the bags full of debris two times and unclog a bunch of wet grass out of the tube leading from the mower to the bags. The certainly got me dirty. Loved every minute of it except my body sure did hurt when I finished
so then I went around front and set the barrel up with the pump and started it after Don showed me how to put it together. We eventually got it to work but the pump sure looks bad. Guess we will be trying to paint it or get a new one.
It sounds wonderful sitting on the porch though with the running water. I have the cushions on the chairs and the porch swing pad cleaned all ready for us to sit out there now.
My birthday flowers are now two weeks old today and still look really pretty. I have them sitting on the old farm table on our front porch. I think the "cool" evenings are why they are staying so nice so long.
I was looking around my shop tonight and my goodness look at all the projects laying around for me to finish. And those doll legs just keep multiplying for me to paint. Guess I need to work on some ufp before I start something else new.
I finished a doll and listed her on ebay tonight. She is an Americana raggedy with a flag. I really almost kept her. I really like her alot
well biggest loser is on so I have to cut this off and go watch


Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Monday da da da

Well today was another cold day. We are supposed to get a freeze or frost or something tonight. Warning we better cover our plants. Well I didn't I figure GOD is in control and if my plants die they die. They are all perennials so they usually come back. They froze last year, well the hostas did and they returned a little battered and their leaves had some damage but I just trimmed it off. The only flowers I have planted this year are my pansies and they seem to grow just fine even after they freeze. They just thaw themselves out and shake the ice off and bloom real pretty.
Today I got up late, around 9 o'clock and threw some laundry in the washer. I came out and flipped the computer on and then I checked all emails. Nothing that needed attention so I went and got dressed.
Well pretty soon it was lunch time so I made our dinner while I made my lunch.
I made a chicken noodle casserole and put it in the fridge to cook later tonight. After lunch we went to visit my mother in law. She is really depressed but I hope when the sun comes out again and the warm weather she will perk up a bit. It is not like her at all to be down. Well Carol, my sister in law, is coming to visit her this week. Carol and Skip live in Atlanta, Georgia and she is so much fun to be around so I know my mother in law will perk up when Carol gets here.
We did not eat our chicken noodle casserole for dinner we ate a big boy platter.
Don has been hungry for Frish's all week so we stopped on the way home and ate dinner(not one of my favs) but he likes it alot. The prices on the menu have gone up so much I doubt if we will be eating there again any time soon.
Well that is the "excitement" in grandma and grandpas life today.
I did work on a scarecrow head tonight and have his face "almost" embroidered on.
TaTa until tomorrow

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Today was a cold Sunday and I got cold in the car this week on the way to church. I even wore my winter coat today. It was a real good service. Rick is a great preacher and I enjoy his sermons very much.
we stopped at Long John Silvers on the way home and got two fish and more meals and brought them home. They were ok. After that I read the paper and then laid down on the bed to try to get warm. Next thing I knew it was an hour later that I got up. Nice nap.
We then got in the car and went to Wendy's and got my dad a cheeseburger kids meal, and mom fries. Then we went to the Dairy Queen and bought mom a peanut butter cup blizzard. Our usual take out for them on Sunday evenings. We took it over and Don fixed Dads computer while we were there. The computer was on mute that is why he could not get any sound. So don unmuted it and I played one of his many many music discs on it and it worked fine and dandy.
We visited until after 6pm and I was starting to get hungry so we came home and heated left over beef stew for dinner tonight and here I am.
Going to go over in my chair here in a minute and work on my scarecrow hats and faces.
Hope tomorrow is a sunny day I am ready to get out and work in the yard again and I HOPE to start walking a little. I really need to get about 20 pounds off .
I figure I will feel alot better too.

tootles and "see" you all tomorrow night.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cold Saturday at Grandpa and Grandma's

Brrrr.... what happened to spring? This has been a very cold, boring day at our house. We are replacing all the doors in our house so Don worked on that all day today. I think he has them all on now and just needs to put one more door knob on the spare bedroom door then on to the next project. I believe that is fixing the lawn mower for the summer mowing.

Today I worked out in my shop all day. First I sewed some arms and legs up that I had stuffed last night. Then I got out the fall patterns and cut out some hats, shirts and scarves for scarecrow wreaths. Hope to have a few of them done in the next few weeks. I will put one on ebay and one on Etsy. Hope people are in the fall mood LOL. I also have been working on some fall outfits for my dolls. I just need to get them all put together now.

I found some containers I bought at Cracker Barrel last fall. They are americana wash tubs I plan on drilling holes in the bottom of them and filling them with flowers for my front porch.

Well good night and "see" you all tomorrow.

Go to CHURCH in the morning

Friday, April 11, 2008

TGIF I guess

Well here it is another week has passed. Time is sure flying by. It was warm here today with rain off and on. Don went and gave blood this morning for his cardiologist. I worked in the house until after lunch and then I went to my shop and sewed doll bodies and clothes.
Not too exciting at our house today.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My new doll baby

I finally got lucky and won a doll I was bidding on. I won it from Sharyn known on ebay as Yankee country craftshttp://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZyankeecountrycraftsQQhtZ-1. I have been trying to win one of her dolls for a long time. I collect her dolls, love them.

I displayed this one in my kitchen on my all year long tree. Some day I will take a picture of all of them and where they are in my home.

Spring has arrived at my house

Well look what has arrived at my house. Spring time. At least for a few days then back to cold for a few days. Thought I would share some of my spring flowers with you. I just purchased some pansies today and planted them in the herb bed. Did you know pansies were edible? Pretty and tasty.

The flowers in the vase are my birthday flowers my good friend Cindy sent me. They are now 8 days old and still look pretty.

The side of my house is in full bloom with the daffodils so pretty and smell so bad. Have you ever smelled a daffodils? They stink!

Today I worked on some doll clothes and some legs for some bodies. We also went shopping and bought my parents their weekly groceries and took them over to them. Well enjoy the pictures and see you later

Thinking about having a doll giveaway on my blog. Keep checking back for more details in the future.

Monday, April 7, 2008

sunny monday and granny can't move

Oh the flower beds were calling my name today. It was sunny and 69 degrees. I opened all the windows in the house but woe is me I was too sore to work in my flower beds. My plans for today were to go into my stuido and sew doll bodies. What i actually did was laundry, vacuum, and cook blek. Oh well there is always tomorrow.
We have decided to go grocery shopping tomorrow so that will be another blek day. I do not enjoy grocery shopping at all.
I do know I am buying some junk food this week. I cooked chicken on the grill for dinner tonight. Baked french fries and green beans. Not an exciting meal but filling.
Talked to a couple of my daughters today and all is well with those families.
Hope some day to show some techniques here on my blog along with some dolls that will be for sale. My long range goal is to close my website and use my blog to sell my crafts.
first I need to learn how to work this blog thing better.
I received a wonderful surprise in the mail today. One of my prim friends from my ebay group country and primitive ladies group sent me a big envelope filled with grungy tags in it. Thank you Becky I appreciate them so much
Well got a late start on this tonight so toodles to all

Sunday, April 6, 2008

whew another day in the flower beds

well let me tell you it was beautiful weather here today. I did not even get cold in the car going to church this morning. In fact when we left church to come home we cracked the car windows and I threw my coat into the back seat.
Don found a condo to rent in Daytona beach the third week of June so now I am getting excited. After he made reservations and we grabbed a bite to eat and I do mean bite. It was not a good food day here at our house.
Then we went back out into the flower beds. Today we cleaned the shade garden up it is so pretty when I look out the window now. The hostas, bluebells, and tulips are all growing so fast. In fact the daffodil and the blue bells are blooming. Wellllll let me tell you I thought I was sore yesterday but tonight I doubt if I will sleep very much.

Then I downloaded my new virus protection onto my lap top, painted some doll faces on, and took pictures and listed one of them on my ebay. Thinking about putting the other one at Etsy.
Well that has been our Sunday this week. Really a good day.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I have been tagged

by Marissa from simply sweet stitches or as I know her better Raggedycabin
anyway I have to tell 5 things about myself

1- Well I have lived at this same address in this same house for 36 years

2- My favorite time of year is the spring time when every thing is coming to life

3-I am the oldest child in my family

4- I love southern gospel music and concerts

5- I love the beach and the sound of the waves coming in

oh forgot I have to tag 5 people now

Carm of shweetdoodles
Ja Ja of somewhere only we know
Leanne of harvest moon by the lake
sherry of anniescupboard
cindy of homespunfromtheheart

Sunny Saturday in the flower beds

It was beautiful here today. Sunny, a bit chilly, but the sun was out all day long. So after I ate my lunch(I am not a morning person at all) I got the old garden gym shoes on, the old sweats, and two jackets. Two so I could peel one off when I got too hot. Started in the front flower bed that is in the middle of our yard. Well in the fall we put hay bales in it with scarecrows and pumpkins, when that is over we spread the hay bales in the flower bed and put our nativity scene on it for Christmas. Well after that we just let it lay there until spring and that is the mess I cleaned up first with a pitch fork. Had to be careful not to break the tulips off that were coming up. Well talk about an out of shape old lady. Whew I think I rested more then I raked.
Then Don came out and we worked together. Got some done today most all around the house but not all.
It always amazes me how all the flowers come up at just the right time each year. I love spring. It is my favorite time of the year.
Our neighbors were out in their back yard all day cleaning their pond out and putting the pond plants in. The guppies are already about as long as my little finger. Really early this year we have not even been able to hear the frogs courting this year.
Well we have warm weather predicted all next week so I will be gardening more then crafting.
Just need to add this note at the end I can hardly move tonight and soaked in a hot tub of water. Going to go look for the heating pad right now
good night and "see" you all tomorrow

Friday, April 4, 2008

A hard day of work in my studio

Today was a nice day to just slop around in my sweats and craft. I went to my studio after lunch and there were two little ladies out their impatiently waiting to have their pictures taken. Well I cut out 7 more doll bodies, 14 legs, and 14 arms. I cut out 3 new americana outfits for some naked bodies in here, then I sewed those outfits up and brought them in my house. That is because I dress my dolls while
we watch tv here in the evenings. Then I got the bright idea to try and take a new group picture of some of my dolls. It didn't turn out very good so I will try again at a later date.

I never did get any legs painted there they lay all in a heap just waiting on me to get to them,
Hummm there is always tomorrow. I did take the little ladies pictures and one is listed on my ebay and the other in my Etsy shop. I have the links to my shops over on the right hand side .

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A rainy day at my house

Well the weather man was right. Well almost right anyway. It was gloomy here most of the day and didn't start raining until later this evening. Well I didn't get to craft much today why??? well for one thing I needed to do laundry so we would have some clothes to wear tomorrow. And we needed to visit my mother in law. She lives in the city of Dayton about 25 minutes from here. We stayed there for awhile and then left to come home. Well I sure didn't want to cook tonight however I did wind up cooking. I put some ham steaks on the grill, baked a couple of potatoes, and I had brocolli.

I am really trying hard to learn this blogging and thanks to some friends at prim mart http://www.primmartcommunity.com/forum/ and my good buddy Debbie at Simple country Blessings http://simplecountryblessings.blogspot.com/ I was able to put a few links for other crafting blogs in here and sure have a lot more to come. I think I am one of the last crafters to have a blog.

now on with my "exciting" day. After we ate dinner we went to my parents and delivered a computer chair. My mother has her computer set up now to play card games on and needed some place to sit. Mind you for those that do not know my parents are 84 and 86 and each have their own computers.

Well tomorrow is another day and I know I am not getting dressed all day and I am going to my studio and work. I have two dolls that need their pictures taken and I need to make some outfits for some doll bodies laying here naked. Good night and hope you return for more exciting episodes in my life

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The day after my birthday

Well yesterday was my 62 birthday. Humm I do not feel any older. Well the sun was out today and the wind died down a little. I am getting really anxious to get out into my flower beds. Just heard the weather report and it is going to be a rainy day tomorrow so I guess I will be sewing doll clothes, painting legs and boots and mittens on snowmen.

love the pattern I am working on right now. It is the pattern of Maureens at sweetmeadowsfarm. so many different dolls on it. My goal is to make at least one of each doll. I am getting ready for my fall show that lasts for an entire week. Have never done a show that long before so really have no idea how much inventory to make.

It should be fun. My daughers live in Tennessee and we will all three going to do this show for the first time this year. I am rather nervous about it. I just hope physically I can do a week long show.

It is the third week of October in Pidgeon Forge behind the old mill in Patriot Park in the big tent. Well we do not actually have our booth yet but they have assured me that is no problem. We will see.

I am new to blogging so I hope I can make this interesting.

I have so very much to learn so please bear with me.
I do want to put links in here to all my friends websites, ebay listings, and now we are all in Etsy selling. These are my friends from my ebay group called COUNTRY AND PRIMITIVE LADIES GROUP. We have been online friends since I have started selling on ebay . I think around 4 or 5 years now. I would love to meet them in person someday. I feel like I know them already. Some are young with young families, some middle aged with teens and then a few of us "older" ones that are retired.
Well so long for tonight.
Oh I just listed another doll on ebay if you are interested.http://cgi.ebay.com/PRIMITIVE-BAD-ATTITIUDE-Raggedy-Ann-School-Girl-CPLG_W0QQitemZ120241898637QQihZ002QQcategoryZ1217QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem It is my bad attitude school girl. She makes me smile each time I walk past her in my studio.