Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Monday da da da

Well today was another cold day. We are supposed to get a freeze or frost or something tonight. Warning we better cover our plants. Well I didn't I figure GOD is in control and if my plants die they die. They are all perennials so they usually come back. They froze last year, well the hostas did and they returned a little battered and their leaves had some damage but I just trimmed it off. The only flowers I have planted this year are my pansies and they seem to grow just fine even after they freeze. They just thaw themselves out and shake the ice off and bloom real pretty.
Today I got up late, around 9 o'clock and threw some laundry in the washer. I came out and flipped the computer on and then I checked all emails. Nothing that needed attention so I went and got dressed.
Well pretty soon it was lunch time so I made our dinner while I made my lunch.
I made a chicken noodle casserole and put it in the fridge to cook later tonight. After lunch we went to visit my mother in law. She is really depressed but I hope when the sun comes out again and the warm weather she will perk up a bit. It is not like her at all to be down. Well Carol, my sister in law, is coming to visit her this week. Carol and Skip live in Atlanta, Georgia and she is so much fun to be around so I know my mother in law will perk up when Carol gets here.
We did not eat our chicken noodle casserole for dinner we ate a big boy platter.
Don has been hungry for Frish's all week so we stopped on the way home and ate dinner(not one of my favs) but he likes it alot. The prices on the menu have gone up so much I doubt if we will be eating there again any time soon.
Well that is the "excitement" in grandma and grandpas life today.
I did work on a scarecrow head tonight and have his face "almost" embroidered on.
TaTa until tomorrow

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