Wednesday, April 16, 2008

grocery day yuck

Well it was a beautiful day. I thought it was chilly because the wind . Well we ate lunch and then went to the grocery store.
Came home I cooked hamburgers on the grill, baked some french fries, and opened a can of baked beans. wallla dinner.
After dinner I went to my studio and I cleaned it. Ran the vacuum and dusted and put patterns and fabric away. Now I am ready to get out there and work.
well I was going to print my Sadie and Jinx pattern out tonight that Debbie from simple country blessings gave me and lol and behold I couldn't find it anyplace on my computer. So being the dear she is I was going to buy one but she is in my fav ebay group, Country&Primitive ladies group, and she resent me the pattern THANK YOU DEBBIE.
Well it is printed out now and tomorrow I hope to cut it out and sew it. Think they would be good to sell at my show the third week of October in the rotary tent behind the OLD Mill in Pidgeon Forge Tennessee
Ok tomorrow is another day toodles

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Maureen said...

Tell us some more about the craft show at Pidgeon Forge please. Sounds like a great trip to plan with a group of friends.