Friday, April 4, 2008

A hard day of work in my studio

Today was a nice day to just slop around in my sweats and craft. I went to my studio after lunch and there were two little ladies out their impatiently waiting to have their pictures taken. Well I cut out 7 more doll bodies, 14 legs, and 14 arms. I cut out 3 new americana outfits for some naked bodies in here, then I sewed those outfits up and brought them in my house. That is because I dress my dolls while
we watch tv here in the evenings. Then I got the bright idea to try and take a new group picture of some of my dolls. It didn't turn out very good so I will try again at a later date.

I never did get any legs painted there they lay all in a heap just waiting on me to get to them,
Hummm there is always tomorrow. I did take the little ladies pictures and one is listed on my ebay and the other in my Etsy shop. I have the links to my shops over on the right hand side .


Marissa said...

Pat, you are so productive! I'm so jealous!! Oh I just love looking at your dollies!


Ann-Marie said...

I love that doll with the grumpy face! I gotta have it........