Thursday, April 3, 2008

A rainy day at my house

Well the weather man was right. Well almost right anyway. It was gloomy here most of the day and didn't start raining until later this evening. Well I didn't get to craft much today why??? well for one thing I needed to do laundry so we would have some clothes to wear tomorrow. And we needed to visit my mother in law. She lives in the city of Dayton about 25 minutes from here. We stayed there for awhile and then left to come home. Well I sure didn't want to cook tonight however I did wind up cooking. I put some ham steaks on the grill, baked a couple of potatoes, and I had brocolli.

I am really trying hard to learn this blogging and thanks to some friends at prim mart and my good buddy Debbie at Simple country Blessings I was able to put a few links for other crafting blogs in here and sure have a lot more to come. I think I am one of the last crafters to have a blog.

now on with my "exciting" day. After we ate dinner we went to my parents and delivered a computer chair. My mother has her computer set up now to play card games on and needed some place to sit. Mind you for those that do not know my parents are 84 and 86 and each have their own computers.

Well tomorrow is another day and I know I am not getting dressed all day and I am going to my studio and work. I have two dolls that need their pictures taken and I need to make some outfits for some doll bodies laying here naked. Good night and hope you return for more exciting episodes in my life

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