Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The day after my birthday

Well yesterday was my 62 birthday. Humm I do not feel any older. Well the sun was out today and the wind died down a little. I am getting really anxious to get out into my flower beds. Just heard the weather report and it is going to be a rainy day tomorrow so I guess I will be sewing doll clothes, painting legs and boots and mittens on snowmen.

love the pattern I am working on right now. It is the pattern of Maureens at sweetmeadowsfarm. so many different dolls on it. My goal is to make at least one of each doll. I am getting ready for my fall show that lasts for an entire week. Have never done a show that long before so really have no idea how much inventory to make.

It should be fun. My daughers live in Tennessee and we will all three going to do this show for the first time this year. I am rather nervous about it. I just hope physically I can do a week long show.

It is the third week of October in Pidgeon Forge behind the old mill in Patriot Park in the big tent. Well we do not actually have our booth yet but they have assured me that is no problem. We will see.

I am new to blogging so I hope I can make this interesting.

I have so very much to learn so please bear with me.
I do want to put links in here to all my friends websites, ebay listings, and now we are all in Etsy selling. These are my friends from my ebay group called COUNTRY AND PRIMITIVE LADIES GROUP. We have been online friends since I have started selling on ebay . I think around 4 or 5 years now. I would love to meet them in person someday. I feel like I know them already. Some are young with young families, some middle aged with teens and then a few of us "older" ones that are retired.
Well so long for tonight.
Oh I just listed another doll on ebay if you are interested. It is my bad attitude school girl. She makes me smile each time I walk past her in my studio.

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shweetpotato said...

Yayyy your a blogger :D Awesome :D Carm