Sunday, April 6, 2008

whew another day in the flower beds

well let me tell you it was beautiful weather here today. I did not even get cold in the car going to church this morning. In fact when we left church to come home we cracked the car windows and I threw my coat into the back seat.
Don found a condo to rent in Daytona beach the third week of June so now I am getting excited. After he made reservations and we grabbed a bite to eat and I do mean bite. It was not a good food day here at our house.
Then we went back out into the flower beds. Today we cleaned the shade garden up it is so pretty when I look out the window now. The hostas, bluebells, and tulips are all growing so fast. In fact the daffodil and the blue bells are blooming. Wellllll let me tell you I thought I was sore yesterday but tonight I doubt if I will sleep very much.

Then I downloaded my new virus protection onto my lap top, painted some doll faces on, and took pictures and listed one of them on my ebay. Thinking about putting the other one at Etsy.
Well that has been our Sunday this week. Really a good day.

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