Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

Well Barb and Jane, Brandon and Kaila arrived here on Thursday night around midnight. On Friday they decided we needed to go to the nursery and buy flowers. Off we went. I love going there but it is a little early in the season to plant all of them. Barb bought me a flat of yellow petunias and a flat of red and white impatience for mothers day. We brought all our flowers home and I potted my mother a pot for mothers day. This year I made all the flowers pink in it. I will keep it for a few weeks to get it growing before I take it to her. I bought the same to pot for my mother in law for mothers day but ran out of potting soil so I will get some this week at the store. Then Kaila and I planted some yellow petunias in a flower box and sat it back in place. I still have 3 huge geraniums to plant, some white flowers(?) for the hanging pots on the front porch, and some pretty pink flowers(?) for some pots. Still need to buy a flat of marigolds and a flat of red petunias and a flat of white petunias.
Then they went and got mom and dad while I got supper ready. We grilled hamburgers, baked french fries, and baked beans. Then we all sat on the front porch and just talked.
On Saturday my feet and legs hurt me very bad. They thought we needed to go shopping so I left with them and we went to Wertz's a local five and ten cent store we all love. They have the best fabrics for low prices. So I bought a whole bunch of fabrics and we left to go to a little craft store up the road. We found it boring and they had the same merchandise as when we were there 3 years ago. They wanted to go to Joann fabrics but my legs hurt too bad and I just wanted to get home and into bed with my feet and legs up. We passed by countryside crafts and decided to stop there. That was alright because I knew I could sit there and talk to Suzie and Linda(the owners) they were finishing up with their morning craft class so I bought a kit to make the project. A darling little pudgie flying a kite I can't wait to start her.
We came home then and they went over to mom and dads to see how dad was. He fell out of bed on Friday night so they just wanted to stay home. I went to bed and put my feet and legs up while they went there. They told me he was alright just scraped up. So relieved to hear that don't know if I could handle another crisis at the moment.
They left to go home after we got home from church this morning. It is now 9:20pm and they are still on the road. They got into HEAVY rain all the way home and could not see the highway in some places. So Barb had to drive Jane home that is another two hours from her house then pick David up and drive back home. I hope the girls never ever drive this way again. Or else leave early in the morning for home.
Don is doing a whole lot better and his leg is hurting less and less but he is still not allowed to lift for another week
We are getting cold weather this week and possible frost so it is good we didn't plant the flowers out yet.

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