Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scarecrows on the front porch

Today was a beautiful day at our house. I cleaned house in the morning then I hauled all my "equipment" out to the front porch. I am working on 2 scarecrow wreaths. They are coming right along as you can see by the pictures.
this is my fav time of year just right temps, sunny, and I love to craft out on the front porch and it is so relaxing.
Tonight my neighbor brought over a hosta I have wanted for three years. She had Chuck, her husband dig me a start. It is sum and substance and it is beautiful. Well one thing led to another and I wound up digging up a big clump of hosta from the front flower bed, weeded all the unwanted weeds out and dug a hole for the "new" hosta. Needless to say I am sore now.
Oh well always tomorrow

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Maureen said...

Your front porch looks so comfy, inviting and cheerful too! Love the print on your cushions.Very handsome scarecrows too Pat :)