Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunny Tuesday at our house

So today was really a beautiful day. Just a tad chilly. I looked out the window and Don had the tractor out mowing the yard. So after I cleaned the lunch dishes up and started the dishwasher I headed out the door. He was picking sticks up all back there by the woods, must have been a thousand on the ground. So I jumped(well maybe not jumped) onto the tractor and took off. I mowed the back yard. Loved it even though I had to empty the bags full of debris two times and unclog a bunch of wet grass out of the tube leading from the mower to the bags. The certainly got me dirty. Loved every minute of it except my body sure did hurt when I finished
so then I went around front and set the barrel up with the pump and started it after Don showed me how to put it together. We eventually got it to work but the pump sure looks bad. Guess we will be trying to paint it or get a new one.
It sounds wonderful sitting on the porch though with the running water. I have the cushions on the chairs and the porch swing pad cleaned all ready for us to sit out there now.
My birthday flowers are now two weeks old today and still look really pretty. I have them sitting on the old farm table on our front porch. I think the "cool" evenings are why they are staying so nice so long.
I was looking around my shop tonight and my goodness look at all the projects laying around for me to finish. And those doll legs just keep multiplying for me to paint. Guess I need to work on some ufp before I start something else new.
I finished a doll and listed her on ebay tonight. She is an Americana raggedy with a flag. I really almost kept her. I really like her alot
well biggest loser is on so I have to cut this off and go watch


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