Monday, April 7, 2008

sunny monday and granny can't move

Oh the flower beds were calling my name today. It was sunny and 69 degrees. I opened all the windows in the house but woe is me I was too sore to work in my flower beds. My plans for today were to go into my stuido and sew doll bodies. What i actually did was laundry, vacuum, and cook blek. Oh well there is always tomorrow.
We have decided to go grocery shopping tomorrow so that will be another blek day. I do not enjoy grocery shopping at all.
I do know I am buying some junk food this week. I cooked chicken on the grill for dinner tonight. Baked french fries and green beans. Not an exciting meal but filling.
Talked to a couple of my daughters today and all is well with those families.
Hope some day to show some techniques here on my blog along with some dolls that will be for sale. My long range goal is to close my website and use my blog to sell my crafts.
first I need to learn how to work this blog thing better.
I received a wonderful surprise in the mail today. One of my prim friends from my ebay group country and primitive ladies group sent me a big envelope filled with grungy tags in it. Thank you Becky I appreciate them so much
Well got a late start on this tonight so toodles to all

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