Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sunny Saturday in the flower beds

It was beautiful here today. Sunny, a bit chilly, but the sun was out all day long. So after I ate my lunch(I am not a morning person at all) I got the old garden gym shoes on, the old sweats, and two jackets. Two so I could peel one off when I got too hot. Started in the front flower bed that is in the middle of our yard. Well in the fall we put hay bales in it with scarecrows and pumpkins, when that is over we spread the hay bales in the flower bed and put our nativity scene on it for Christmas. Well after that we just let it lay there until spring and that is the mess I cleaned up first with a pitch fork. Had to be careful not to break the tulips off that were coming up. Well talk about an out of shape old lady. Whew I think I rested more then I raked.
Then Don came out and we worked together. Got some done today most all around the house but not all.
It always amazes me how all the flowers come up at just the right time each year. I love spring. It is my favorite time of the year.
Our neighbors were out in their back yard all day cleaning their pond out and putting the pond plants in. The guppies are already about as long as my little finger. Really early this year we have not even been able to hear the frogs courting this year.
Well we have warm weather predicted all next week so I will be gardening more then crafting.
Just need to add this note at the end I can hardly move tonight and soaked in a hot tub of water. Going to go look for the heating pad right now
good night and "see" you all tomorrow

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