Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cold Saturday at Grandpa and Grandma's

Brrrr.... what happened to spring? This has been a very cold, boring day at our house. We are replacing all the doors in our house so Don worked on that all day today. I think he has them all on now and just needs to put one more door knob on the spare bedroom door then on to the next project. I believe that is fixing the lawn mower for the summer mowing.

Today I worked out in my shop all day. First I sewed some arms and legs up that I had stuffed last night. Then I got out the fall patterns and cut out some hats, shirts and scarves for scarecrow wreaths. Hope to have a few of them done in the next few weeks. I will put one on ebay and one on Etsy. Hope people are in the fall mood LOL. I also have been working on some fall outfits for my dolls. I just need to get them all put together now.

I found some containers I bought at Cracker Barrel last fall. They are americana wash tubs I plan on drilling holes in the bottom of them and filling them with flowers for my front porch.

Well good night and "see" you all tomorrow.

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JohnBeckyM said...

Hooray! A scarecrow wreath! I've tried to win one of those for two years now, so maybe this will be my lucky year! Please post here when you have them listed. ~Becky