Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake sunny summerlike Friday

Well they said we had an earthquake today but we didn't feel anything. Whew I am glad of that. It was simply perfect weather here today. We started early this morning and dug all the hostas out from the front of the house. I really wanted to redo the front flower beds in front of our front porch this year. Welllll after they were dug up and thrown into the front yard don started to "edge" the flower beds all around the house. I started the roto tiller and went to town. OH MY GOSH I thought my arms and hands were gonna fall off. I did get it done. went next door and Judi let me borrow her new tool to split flowers. OH MY GOSH my body protested the whole time. Well the hostas got split into four pieces so we had hosta everywhere. Judi took an entire wheelbarrow full of them to plant in her woodland garden. I planted the front of the flower bed and we still have an entire wheel barrow full of them. Dons mom and sisters are coming tomorrow and they want them.
then I split some mums and planted them all around the edge of the front beds. Mums are one of my favorite flowers. After that we came in and took showers and plopped on the couch and chair. then I had to finish doing laundry and grilling chicken on the grill for dinner.
See my bradford pear tree in the front yard? This is the first year it has flowered. All the other years the flowers always froze before they bloomed. It is so pretty.
Well gonna go work on a raggedy doll.

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