Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yes a beautiful day here at our house. We laid in the sun today to "try" to get our bodies in some kind of color for our Florida vacation. Well I lasted 10 minutes got hot and bored so came in and dressed again and left Don out there. I finished my first scarecrow wreath today and listed it on ebay.
Well I weeded the garden a little, planted some seeds out front in the middle flower bed, and cooked dinner.
Our good friend Cindy called and said she was bringing somebody out to visit and it was a surprise. Well it sure was Judy meersman and her oldest, Christopher, and Becka my my I taught Christopher in the two and three year olds and now he is a VERY tall handsome young man. Just completed his first year of college. whew I sure felt old.
was really good to see them again. They live in Virginia now . Well off to embroidery some more making some aprons for some angel dolls

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our little garden plot

A picture of our little garden plot

the cuke hill. They haven't broke thru the dirt yet

Our two little tomato plants with black plastic around them to keep the weeds out

Our whole little plot with the fence on each end for the cuke and tomatoes to climb on


Ok I went out and took some pictures of our "little" plot. The peppers pictures did not come out so I will take more of them in the future. You are looking at a cuke hill, two little tomato plants, 2 rows of carrots, 2 rows of green beans, a little row of spinach. Well there are flowers planted there too. Last but not least I took a close up of one of our daisies blooming



oh I love the sunshine. What a differnce if the sun is shining. We did not do much today. I worked on some dolls, pulled some weeds, did some laundry, and worked on my witch a little bit.
I cooked chicken breast on the grill for dinner, baked potatoe, and green beans. We have that meal alot because it is easy and low fat.
well I took some more pictures of my witch. She is a bit farther along but still not completed. Sure am liking this lady. I meant to tell you she is from a pattern of Karen at RKCREATIONS.
I will post some as I go along, I am going out and shoot some pictures of our "little" garden plot right now before it gets dark

Thursday, May 22, 2008

YES I am alive and well~~~

So sorry it has been so long since I have been in here. While reading some forums lately it is so depressing. All they talk about is the poor economy, gas prices, and nobody buying crafts. Well the gas is high and the economy is lacking but I still love making crafts so I am going to try to look on the up side of this business. I have met some wonderful people on line. Really great customers. I will probably be giving my website up real soon but not because of the economy. It is because of time. I will be selling on ebay, Etsy, and toying with the idea of opening an ezshoppe I have had one before and it is a good outlet to put your items in. I will be selling on here in my blog too so if you see something you like just shoot me an email and we will see what we can work out.
Here is what I have been working on lately. Mostly my garden, flower beds, and looky at this witch. I have had so much fun making her. She is so different from anything I have ever made before, and she is BIG. About 36 inches long. Cannot decide whether to sell her or keep her. I really have grown attached to her.
Well that is all that is up here. I do not feel real good right now. I have hurt my back or something or else my liver and kidneys have been moved around. Just a little humor there. If I do not feel better by next week I guess I will have to call the dreaded doctor and see what HE has to say.
Toodles for now

Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Morning Mother

Well early this morning or late last night, we are not really sure. The big brown truck was here. When Don got up to go out and get the paper this morning look what was sitting outside the door. What a pleasant surprise to wake up to in the morning. A bouquet of mothers day flowers from my son and his family.

Thank you Andy,Mel,Jacob and Colin mom and grandma love her flowers. I will take pictures of my other gifts Barb and Jane got me and post them later. I am washing the top right now. Well Barb bought me some flats of flowers I have been posting earlier and most are already planted in the ground. Jane and Barb pooled their money and bought me a pair of capri's and a top. Jane gave me a pair of Coach sunglasses. They are getting me ready for our trip in June to Daytona Beach. Donna bought me a 50.00 top up card for my cell phone. Thank you all so very much you are wonderful children and I am proud of each and every one of you.



Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rainy movie day

Well last night we decided we were going to do something completely silly today. We didn't care gas is 3.79 a gallon and groceries are thru the roof. We decided to do a useless retirement day. We went to the movie house after lunch and saw IRONMAN. Ok first let me tell you I am a huge fan of all comic book movies with super heroes. Ironman was a good movie and love the previews for the new Batman, Incredible Hulk, and Indiana Jones. So hopefully we will get to the movie house to see them. Can't beat the movies in the afternoon in the middle of the week. Like a private showing only about 7 of us in the whole place. Love the loud sound and the BIG pictures and action.
When we came out it was pouring down rain. Well being the "look ahead" person in our home I had a raincoat on We left there and decided to go to Long John Silvers for some fish and more. I know completely unhealthy and well we just didn't care today. After we ate that we went to Dairy Queen and got and ice cream cone for dessert. It was an excellent day and I enjoyed every single minute of it. Now back to work.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Busy week so far

Well I have had a busy week so far. Yesterday (Tuesday) I got up and made spaghetti sauce for dinner, did my house work, leaped onto the tractor and mowed the acre, went and bought the weeks groceries, went to mom and dads and took flower pot over I made her for Mothersday, took their weekly groceries to them, cut their hair and planted marigolds in their patio flower bed. Whew, we came home and I worked on my nurse doll. I have taken pictures of her laying in my shop awaiting her face. I also snapped some pictures of our shade garden now. Don edged it today and it looks so pretty. Pictures just do not do it justice. I also took some pictues of our front porch. I have it ready for summer. The hostas are growing so big now. I did finish my nurse doll and listed her on ebay. Notice the arms in legs in that picture?? Those are for some snowmen I am working on.

Well we just finished eating dinner. Tonight I grilled us each a steak on the grill and baked potatoes and baked beans. We rarely eat steak anymore so this tasted soooo good. Off to work on a few more dolls. They are fall dolls with pumpkins on their clothes. Working on inventory for my week long show in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. In case you have forgotten it is the THIRD WEEK OF OCTOBER IN THE TENT IN PATRIOT PARK. IF YOU KNOW WHERE THE OLD MILL OR PIGEON FORGE POTTERY ARE YOU WILL FIND THE TENT THERE. hOPE to see some of you there.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sickly Sunday

Well I must say it has been a long long time since I have been sick so I was really surprised last night when I didn't feel well. Went on to bed and boy what a bad night. Don said I coughed all night long. I don't remember that but I do believe I had a fever because I would wake up and feel like I was in a furnace and then I would shiver cold. Still feel bad today. I didn't even crawl out of bed until after noon. I really wanted to go to my parents today and take their groceries to them and take mom her flower I potted her for Mothers day. I also bought some marigolds to plant for her. Those are the flowers she has requested. And I wanted to finish a doll I have almost done, and I wanted to work a little in my flower beds, and I wanted to mow the lawn, and I wanted to go to church this morning. However what I wanted to do and what I did do are two different things. I basically slugged around from one chair to another after I did crawl out of bed. I still feel lousy tonight with a fever and throat issue however tomorrow is another day and it is supposed to be sunny and warm so I guess if I still feel bad I can sit on the front porch and work on some dolls.
So sorry this is a bad post but tomorrow will be better.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

so so Saturday

Today I worked all day in my shop. I painted a face on an angel raggedy I am making, and painted alllll those legs that I had laying around out there. wanted to really do more but ran out of time.
Came in and Don and I went out to dinner and to the video store. I rented Legend, which I understand Will Smith dies in the end. :( oh well wanted to see it anyway.
That has been our thrilling Saturday.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day Hair cut day

Well today is May day. Well that means nothing to me except when I was in grade school. We used to weave pretty color ribbons on a may pole. In the little town I grew up in that was a big occassion. The only thing I did today on May day was go get my hair cut and styled. Do NOT like how she did my hair at all today. Good thing it grows out. I usually really like it alot we just got to talking about potting soil for our flower pots and well she just kept cutting and cutting and cutting.
Don could not sleep very well last night so he was up with the birds this morning. When I stumbled out here about 9:30am he had already gone to Lowes and in our front yard lays lots and lot and lots of bags of mulch. Since both of us did not feel up to spreading it today it will have to wait for another time. I did get my red and white impatients planted, transplanted some more mums around the front flower bed, and dug out around our bradford pear and planted some creeping phlox around it for next spring.
Don finished the bathroom today and it looks fabulous. He hung the mirror and put the sink fixtures on. I am really please how it all came together in the end.
Well there was NO crafting done today but tomorrow it is supposed to rain so I will probably be in my studio all day cutting out pudgie clothes. Have 6 Uncle Sam outfits cut out, 4 witches, and 12 angels so tomorrow I will work on some others.