Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yes a beautiful day here at our house. We laid in the sun today to "try" to get our bodies in some kind of color for our Florida vacation. Well I lasted 10 minutes got hot and bored so came in and dressed again and left Don out there. I finished my first scarecrow wreath today and listed it on ebay.
Well I weeded the garden a little, planted some seeds out front in the middle flower bed, and cooked dinner.
Our good friend Cindy called and said she was bringing somebody out to visit and it was a surprise. Well it sure was Judy meersman and her oldest, Christopher, and Becka my my I taught Christopher in the two and three year olds and now he is a VERY tall handsome young man. Just completed his first year of college. whew I sure felt old.
was really good to see them again. They live in Virginia now . Well off to embroidery some more making some aprons for some angel dolls


Jody said...

Just had to tell ya....I LOVE your dolls! What incredible work and talent. Wishing you much success.

Neenee said...

Hi Pat

I nominated you for a Brilliant Weblog Award. Please visit my site to accept and download your award.