Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Busy week so far

Well I have had a busy week so far. Yesterday (Tuesday) I got up and made spaghetti sauce for dinner, did my house work, leaped onto the tractor and mowed the acre, went and bought the weeks groceries, went to mom and dads and took flower pot over I made her for Mothersday, took their weekly groceries to them, cut their hair and planted marigolds in their patio flower bed. Whew, we came home and I worked on my nurse doll. I have taken pictures of her laying in my shop awaiting her face. I also snapped some pictures of our shade garden now. Don edged it today and it looks so pretty. Pictures just do not do it justice. I also took some pictues of our front porch. I have it ready for summer. The hostas are growing so big now. I did finish my nurse doll and listed her on ebay. Notice the arms in legs in that picture?? Those are for some snowmen I am working on.

Well we just finished eating dinner. Tonight I grilled us each a steak on the grill and baked potatoes and baked beans. We rarely eat steak anymore so this tasted soooo good. Off to work on a few more dolls. They are fall dolls with pumpkins on their clothes. Working on inventory for my week long show in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. In case you have forgotten it is the THIRD WEEK OF OCTOBER IN THE TENT IN PATRIOT PARK. IF YOU KNOW WHERE THE OLD MILL OR PIGEON FORGE POTTERY ARE YOU WILL FIND THE TENT THERE. hOPE to see some of you there.

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