Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rainy movie day

Well last night we decided we were going to do something completely silly today. We didn't care gas is 3.79 a gallon and groceries are thru the roof. We decided to do a useless retirement day. We went to the movie house after lunch and saw IRONMAN. Ok first let me tell you I am a huge fan of all comic book movies with super heroes. Ironman was a good movie and love the previews for the new Batman, Incredible Hulk, and Indiana Jones. So hopefully we will get to the movie house to see them. Can't beat the movies in the afternoon in the middle of the week. Like a private showing only about 7 of us in the whole place. Love the loud sound and the BIG pictures and action.
When we came out it was pouring down rain. Well being the "look ahead" person in our home I had a raincoat on We left there and decided to go to Long John Silvers for some fish and more. I know completely unhealthy and well we just didn't care today. After we ate that we went to Dairy Queen and got and ice cream cone for dessert. It was an excellent day and I enjoyed every single minute of it. Now back to work.

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