Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day Hair cut day

Well today is May day. Well that means nothing to me except when I was in grade school. We used to weave pretty color ribbons on a may pole. In the little town I grew up in that was a big occassion. The only thing I did today on May day was go get my hair cut and styled. Do NOT like how she did my hair at all today. Good thing it grows out. I usually really like it alot we just got to talking about potting soil for our flower pots and well she just kept cutting and cutting and cutting.
Don could not sleep very well last night so he was up with the birds this morning. When I stumbled out here about 9:30am he had already gone to Lowes and in our front yard lays lots and lot and lots of bags of mulch. Since both of us did not feel up to spreading it today it will have to wait for another time. I did get my red and white impatients planted, transplanted some more mums around the front flower bed, and dug out around our bradford pear and planted some creeping phlox around it for next spring.
Don finished the bathroom today and it looks fabulous. He hung the mirror and put the sink fixtures on. I am really please how it all came together in the end.
Well there was NO crafting done today but tomorrow it is supposed to rain so I will probably be in my studio all day cutting out pudgie clothes. Have 6 Uncle Sam outfits cut out, 4 witches, and 12 angels so tomorrow I will work on some others.

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