Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Morning Mother

Well early this morning or late last night, we are not really sure. The big brown truck was here. When Don got up to go out and get the paper this morning look what was sitting outside the door. What a pleasant surprise to wake up to in the morning. A bouquet of mothers day flowers from my son and his family.

Thank you Andy,Mel,Jacob and Colin mom and grandma love her flowers. I will take pictures of my other gifts Barb and Jane got me and post them later. I am washing the top right now. Well Barb bought me some flats of flowers I have been posting earlier and most are already planted in the ground. Jane and Barb pooled their money and bought me a pair of capri's and a top. Jane gave me a pair of Coach sunglasses. They are getting me ready for our trip in June to Daytona Beach. Donna bought me a 50.00 top up card for my cell phone. Thank you all so very much you are wonderful children and I am proud of each and every one of you.



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Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Lovely flowers for a great mom! Hope your Mother's Day is truly the best!!!