Monday, August 31, 2009

New fall items on Ebay

Just listed some dolls and the cutest "candy" bag on ebay. Thought you might be interested so I am posting it here with the links so you can run over and bid.

This is a raggedy doll holding a jack o lantern I have sewn from wool felt.

Here is a picture of her and if you click on the words raggedy doll above it will take you to her.

Now here is a cute little halloween raggedy witch that I have for sale. Just click HERE to go see her. Now here is a picture of her and her jack o lantern.

Now last but not least is this darling "trick or treat candy bag" I really like this a lot. It is perfect to put on your desk at work for that little punch of fall decoration to cheer your working space up. Click HERE to go see it and put your bid in.

Now here is a picture of it. Happy shopping I hope you all go over to ebay and bid, bid, bid.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last of my scheduled auctions for falloween

Here is the last of my scheduled auctions for the CPLG FALLOWEEN THEME AUCTIONS. I have 10 items scheduled to start on Thursday, August 20 and Friday, August 21. This is a doll I made from a pattern of sew many prims. She was a lot of work (for me) and this is the first time I have ever made one and listed it to sell. IF AND that is a BIG IF. she does not sell she will be staying here at our home to live. Hope you all come and visit all our really great fall auctions.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Falloween sneak peek

Well since I will be gone when CPLG(country&Primitives Ladies Group) themed auction starts on ebay (picture on right side you just click on it and it will take you to all them)Anyway I cannot start my auctions until August 20 so I can be back in time to ship out all the items I sell hee heee anyway thought I would give you a sneak peek at some of them. I have to take pictures and get all written up and schedule them before I leave so that is why I am working on this now hee hee
I have a few more to finish yet and some more pictures to take but here is one of my new items. I just love it got one for myself too. I sit mine on our mantle however they are perfect for a desk at work, the coffee table or end table. For sitting on a shelf they are just perfect. Really like the idea of sitting them on a desk at work for that little seasonal pop.

wooden scarecrow light box

A scarecrow wreath for your door or inside you home(not recommended for use in the outside weather

Here is a little witch

I have handcrafted all these and many more items I did not post. Just wanted to wet your appetite for what is to come in the future. I know all the other ladies have been busy creating and finding items for this launch. I know Becky has darling fall/halloween items in her ebay store. And I know some other ladies have been hooking,punching,stuffing and sewing to get ready. Hope we see you there. Now just because my stuff will be on ebay later in the week the others will be starting their auctions on Sunday August 16. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clean house and fall decorations

So we will be on the road so much in the fall too thought I better get my house decorated so when I run in the door between trips I could enjoy my fall decorations. Did not start out to do this yesterday was just going to wash our bed sheets, spare room bed sheets and run the vacuum well you know how that goes one thing just lead to another. I do have a reasonably clean house now, all the summer red,white and blue decorations are put away until next year(well most of them some I just like out all year long). So I took some pictures, but remember my talent in life is not taking pictures.

The first picture is the top of my computer desk. Hmmmm I did dust it but it is still full of clutter

This is the top of our entertainment center

One end of a long shelf in our living room

The other end of the long shelf in our living room

The bench Don made for me with decorations on it plus our grapevine tree decked out in orange halloween lights

Our old window mirror decorated for fall

The fall centerpiece on our dining table

The long shelf over our fireplace

My old barn siding ladder with some of my doll collection on it

Bookcase with more of my doll collection

My cute little kitchen tree all decked out for fall/halloween love those orange lights lite up at night.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Been quite a while

I know it has been so long since I have posted on my blog. We have been on vacation most of the summer either traveling or entertaining company. so thought I would come in and give you a heads up I am listing fall dolls on ebay right now. Hope you come over to my ebay and check them out. I will post pictures of the ones on there right now

first one is a raggedy I have drawn the face on with pencils(the eyes) and painted the rest of her face on. this is new to me so need to keep practicing drawing those eyes. I think she turned out cute though. The fabrics are some of my favorites for fall

Here is the second one. She has black pigtails and a real halloween dress on.

and for the final one guess what she is really ready for fall harvest time in her dress with fall leaves and turkeys printed on it.And just look at those little corn buttons I have tied to each side of her shoe straps.

Now would you like to see where you could purchase these babies???? well right here just click on the YELLOWSWEETPOTATO and it will take you to my auctions.

Now back to work for me. The group I am in on ebay *COUNTRY&PRIMITIVE LADIES GROUP* will be having a falloween launch starting on August 16.The ladies have been working really hard on some new items for this launch. I am also working on a few new items but will not be listing them until August 21. We will be in Wisconsin for the first on the launch but the falloween launch lasts all week long to check in all week for new items being listed.

Now for something else to let you in on COUNTRY&PRIMITIVE LADIES GROUP is having a year long giveaway on our blog. Right now a little stump doll is up for giveaway. To be entered to win all you need to do is click on COUNTRY&PRIMITIVE LADIES GROUP and sign up. It is FREEEEEEEE.

Well that is all for right now I will try really hard to keep this updated better. I am on facebook now also and it is so hard to keep up with all this and travel and craft also but I will try a little harder. thanks and toodles until later.