Monday, August 31, 2009

New fall items on Ebay

Just listed some dolls and the cutest "candy" bag on ebay. Thought you might be interested so I am posting it here with the links so you can run over and bid.

This is a raggedy doll holding a jack o lantern I have sewn from wool felt.

Here is a picture of her and if you click on the words raggedy doll above it will take you to her.

Now here is a cute little halloween raggedy witch that I have for sale. Just click HERE to go see her. Now here is a picture of her and her jack o lantern.

Now last but not least is this darling "trick or treat candy bag" I really like this a lot. It is perfect to put on your desk at work for that little punch of fall decoration to cheer your working space up. Click HERE to go see it and put your bid in.

Now here is a picture of it. Happy shopping I hope you all go over to ebay and bid, bid, bid.

1 comment:

Little Pags Boutique said...

I love all of these things! You are so creative. If I had the money to buy the which she would have been gone the day you listed her.

Love your blog!