Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clean house and fall decorations

So we will be on the road so much in the fall too thought I better get my house decorated so when I run in the door between trips I could enjoy my fall decorations. Did not start out to do this yesterday was just going to wash our bed sheets, spare room bed sheets and run the vacuum well you know how that goes one thing just lead to another. I do have a reasonably clean house now, all the summer red,white and blue decorations are put away until next year(well most of them some I just like out all year long). So I took some pictures, but remember my talent in life is not taking pictures.

The first picture is the top of my computer desk. Hmmmm I did dust it but it is still full of clutter

This is the top of our entertainment center

One end of a long shelf in our living room

The other end of the long shelf in our living room

The bench Don made for me with decorations on it plus our grapevine tree decked out in orange halloween lights

Our old window mirror decorated for fall

The fall centerpiece on our dining table

The long shelf over our fireplace

My old barn siding ladder with some of my doll collection on it

Bookcase with more of my doll collection

My cute little kitchen tree all decked out for fall/halloween love those orange lights lite up at night.


Leslie ~ HarvestHomePrimitives said...

Oh, everything looks So cute and SO ready for the fall! You're making me want to pull mine out NOW! :) I usually wait til the very last week of August but...I'm not so sure NOW! LOL

Thanks for sharing your pics with us. Everything looks great!

Anonymous said...

Love your little tree!!