Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Last trip for the year 2009(maybe)

Well I must say this has been one busy summer with traveling and company. We have five children all over the USA. This summer we visited each one EXCEPT Donna. Now Donna lives about 45 minutes from us. This last weekend of summer we visited our son,Andy and his lovely family. They live in Clarkston Michigan. They have moved into a beautiful condo since we have been up there last. This is the living room and this is the dining area

Here are some pictures of Andys Man cave
What did we do???? Not much of anything really. Visited a flea market~~I love going to those kind of things~~ This is Colin and Jacob getting in the car to go to flea market. Notice their excitementHere we are at the flea market fun fun fun*to me anyways*
and on Labor Day my daughter in laws family came over with us and Andy smoked pork all night,This is corn on the cob on the grill. Probably the BEST corn I have ever eaten in 63years of my life
Andy and Melanie just cooking and making sure all is ready
Melanie cooked some fab side dishes and cleaned up after ANDY

and we had a great visit and great food. OH their friend Lisa(a professional Photographer) came over and we had family pictures made. I did not see the results but I am pretty sure I looked like a q tip with a big tent on for a blouse.

Then our trip was over. Here we all are getting ready to leave to our individual locations. Jacob and Colin to their first day of school. I took a picture of their bright new shoes on the way out the door.A family picture of Andy ready for work, Melanie ready to deliver the boys to school and then deliver her Avon orders to her customers and Jacob and Colin all ready for that first day of school.COLIN getting in the car to go to the first day of school 2009-2010
JACOB getting in the car for his first day of school

So now we are home again for a while but GATLINBURG is starting to call my name. HUMMMM maybe after a little rest I will feel like traveling again hUMMMM we'll see what Don has to say about that.

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Sew Practical said...

OMG! Pat I can't believe you're already thinking about another trip. Of course you know Gatlinburg will be beautiful with fall foliage soon! Gotta love East Tennessee in the fall.