Sunday, July 20, 2008

A walk through the garden

Well here I am back again. Since I last posted we went on vacation. It was the best vacation I ever had in my life. We drove to Daytona Beach Florida. We rented a condo on the beach right beside Crabby Joes. I have never ever enjoyed a vacation more ever. We walked the beach, slept, and ate, and swam in the pool. Such relaxation. I could not tell you if the stove worked in the condo or not since we never ever turned it on. I never made the bed, never washed very many dishes(a few) never cooked a meal. Wonderful I tell you. We sat on the balcony and watched people and listened to the surf. Oh I would move to Florida in a minute if we didn't have responsibilities here we cannot leave.

since I have been getting emails wondering how my garden is doing I went out and took some pictures of it to show you. I will take you a walk through our yard in pictures. It is weedy right now and since we are in a heat wave we are waiting for a little cooler weather. I have not been working too hard mostly laying in the pool and sewing on some dolls.

I promise I will TRY to keep this blog updated better. I have already whipped myself with a wet noodle. Don bought me an ipod the other day and we have been struggling trying to get some music on it. It is just a tiny little shuffle but it is so perfect for me. So far we have put a lot of praise and worship songs on it, the ocean relaxing disc I own, and the Booth brothers gospel songs. However we have NO IDEA whatso ever how we managed to do it. Just gonna listen to them right now and wait for one of our kids or grandkids to come and visit and show me HOW we did it.


Jorge said...
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Cotton Eyed Jo said...

LOL, I can't type in Spanish! Love the garden, and wish our tomato plants had half as many tomatoes! Looks great. Glad you are being smart and not weeding in the heat!