Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring has arrived at my house

Well look what has arrived at my house. Spring time. At least for a few days then back to cold for a few days. Thought I would share some of my spring flowers with you. I just purchased some pansies today and planted them in the herb bed. Did you know pansies were edible? Pretty and tasty.

The flowers in the vase are my birthday flowers my good friend Cindy sent me. They are now 8 days old and still look pretty.

The side of my house is in full bloom with the daffodils so pretty and smell so bad. Have you ever smelled a daffodils? They stink!

Today I worked on some doll clothes and some legs for some bodies. We also went shopping and bought my parents their weekly groceries and took them over to them. Well enjoy the pictures and see you later

Thinking about having a doll giveaway on my blog. Keep checking back for more details in the future.

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Maureen said...

LOL! I'm with ya on the smell of daffodils! PU!! They look so pretty though. Love your doll... as always Pat.