Friday, February 27, 2009

What is New with me????

Well I have listed a doll and bunny on ebay today. Thought I would show them to you. Seems like I do not get much done always somewhere we need to run. Today is a work day for me and I refuse to leave the house whoops forgot already ran to the post office. I am getting ready to bake a turkey for dinner tonight. It went from really nice warm weather to really windy and cold so turkey dinner sounds good. Well here are pictures of the doll on ebay

Now here is the bunny on ebay


Tim and Patti Leitzel said...

I LOVE the her face! LOL AND I really like that bunny..awesome! you wholesale?!!!
Yum Turkey sounds good..what time is dinner? Can you set another place for me? :)

Sew Practical said...

Of course I love those dolls but that bunny is precious!