Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I took some better pictures of her today. I am really tired i did not sleep real well last night worrying about our doggie. Anyway that is a nasty toy she loves so much I have already cut off the eyes, nose, and pulled the stuffing out of it so she would not choke. And she has taken over our couch that is why there is a throw on it. She really was good last night we crated her and she howled for about 5 minutes then settled down. Then I got up and went to bed and she howled for about 15 minutes but I just went to sleep and so did she.

so tomorrow she has a vet appointment and Thursday she has a groomer appointment to get bathed. Boy if she only knew what was in store for her.
AND YES WE DID NAME HER LILY.Her and Don have walked alot of miles in the last 24 hours. She loves to be outside.
And from what we have seen on the internet she sure looks MORE pug then beagle.

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~*~Leanne~*~Harvest Moon by the Lake~*~ said...

Lily is so cute! It sounds like she has settled into her new home pretty quickly.