Monday, February 23, 2009


We think we are going to name her LILY but not 100percent certain yet. We have been visiting the dog pounds for the last couple of weeks because Don wanted a dog. Well this is the one he fell in love with last week BUT there were two other people that were in front of him on the hold list for her. BUT guess what? She was meant to live with us because nobody else showed up to get her. So here she is as far as we know she is about 2 years old and a puggle which if you do not know is pug and beagle mix. She is very smart and very friendly. We are going to have her "fixed" within the next week or so then lets just hope she adopts us like we have adopted her. I have never had a house dog before but I am ready for her.

Here she is at the door when Don left to go buy a crate,dog food,leash,dsh,toys,brush..........

and just look where the little princess has decided to sit~~~~~MY CHAIR~~~~~~

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Marissa said...

Goodness Pat, what a cute little princess! I love her already, can't wait to see more pics and little stories about her. Love the name Lily too (if you decide to use it ;o)

Hugs, Marissa