Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday at the Moore's house

well the snow is finally starting to melt and dripping all over. I am fine with that and really happy because we have had two days of sunshine. EEKKK look out the door after dinner tonight (I grilled hamburgers on the grill) and IT IS SNOWING AGAIN!!!!
Well today I worked on some projects in my shop. I am working on a cow from Anniescupboard. I made one last year and just loved it and one day I was walking by my pattern basket and it just called out my name. Here she is waiting in the make-up chair

AND HERE she is after make-up but still no arms, legs, or clothes

I am also working on a new doll(for me anyway) It is a pattern of sweetmeadowsfarm. I have had to alter it some to make it fit for what I have in mind. Here is her legs and arms getting worked on.

See her legs hanging on a nail over the cow head? I have painted her stockings and shoes on.

well gotta go the phone is ringing and I am going to go talk to Barb

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MommaB said...

love cows...she is cute