Saturday, November 1, 2008

well Halloween is over so now on to........

CHRISTMAS. Well we put all the halloween/fall decorations down yesterday and now I need to find their container and store them for another year. I did leave the turkeys up and the fall leaves in the center of the dining table. Put a new table cloth on with harvest bounty on it. Put the turkey flag out by the front door. Don is out looking for our new Christmas lights we bought last year. We used the white(clear) icile lights for years and last year we bought all new ones. Since I am tired of the white ones we bought colored lights for this year. He has pulled all the nativity scene from the shed, picked up all the yard debris from the flower beds. and what have I been doing you ask???? Well to start with I straightened up the house, ran the sweeper and will be getting back to ornament making here real soon. Posting pictures of what I am working on. I belong to a group on ebay called COUNTRY&PRIMITIVE LADIES GROUP. Although I have never met these ladies face to face we have been sharing our lives with each other for about 4 years now. They are some of the nicest ladies and girls you could ever meet. Anyways we do an ornament exchange ever year about this time. Our dear friend Marissa*Raggedycabin* on ebay hosts it. We make our ornaments send them to her with postage money and she fixes us each a box with one of each ornament and sends them back to us. That is what I am working on right now. So that is the mess you see in the pictures my work table and finished product^all 2 so far* plus a picture of my turkey in the dining room just cuz I think he is so cute. He is sitting on my "new" ladder I bought at a craft show in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.
so for now toodles and enjoy the pictures

Ok had to add this picture of my daughter Janie at work yesterday. Mind you this is how she went to work at the bank she works at. Halloween and all.

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