Thursday, October 30, 2008

some of my show pictures

Well I am going to try to post some of my show pictures tonight. We will see how it goes. I loaded them on my lap top while in Pigeon Forge and now must put them on our desk top. I am pretty sure don figured out how to burn a disc of them so here goes.
Some of the first pictures are of our booth. Will take a while and I will just post them as they come.
I must say the weather for the most part was beautiful. Really cold at night until about noon and then the tent warmed up. Only rained one day but I did not go to the booth that day don and Janie did while I laid in bed with a heating pad on my back. I do not know what I did but pulled a muscle in there someway when I bent over to get a bag to put a doll in we sold. Ok now but boy sure did hurt alot for a few days.

Well not saying we were slow or anything but here are Barb and Jane on Sunday afternoon, Few people.. Oh yes in case you didn't know the three of us, Me, Barb and Jane(daughters) did this show together. Few people. Sunday is when most people head for home from Pigeon Forge and Monday is the day most people arrive at Pigeon Forge. We had a lot of tour buses unload outside the tent so that was fun. Really enjoyed meeting all the people and groups that came through. I have a picture someplace I took of a lady from Indiana that found us through my blog. I promise I saw your picture someplace just need to find it.

Now here is a picture of a group of ladies from INDIANA AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH from Lafollette, Tennessee. That is where Barb works and goes to church. They are a wonderful group of ladies and Barb is in the front on the left. Well this is all for tonight I am tired and I am working on my ornaments for my ornament swap with my CPLG group on ebay.


Deena Davis said...

Your stuff looks wonderful! I would have definitely shopped there.

The Simply Prim Shoppe said...

Everything looks wonderful. Hope you had a wonderful show.