Sunday, October 5, 2008

Still getting ready for the BIG day

well we went on vacation to Gatlinburg Tennessee and while we were there they were setting up the tent for the craft show in PIGEON FORGE TENNESSEE IN PATRIOT PARK AT TRAFFIC LIGHT NUMBER 7, ON OCTOBER 18-24(that is the date we will be set up) It goes the whole month long. Here is the front where you go into the tent and well you can pose and take your picture there too. And here is the tent where people(crafters) are setting their booths up

Here is my lovely daughter,Janie,working late at night on some of her crafts getting ready for the show we are doing. We are at her home her in Sevierville, out in the middle of nowhere.

Now we are going for a look out front of my house of some of my fall decorations. It is so hard to believe it is this late in the year already. first picture is of our scarecrows and the second is of our Ole crows around the flag pole. I have taken some pictures of my front porch too with all the mums in bloom. Mums are my most favorite flowers.

Well I am working on two snowmen for my show. They are a pattern of Sweetmeadows farm. I was out in my studio painting on eyes and thought they looked just like two aliens sitting there on my painting table. I will post some pictures of them after they are finished. But for now this is how they look.
Also took a picture of all my "girls" sitting there on the shelf staring at me while I paint.

Here is a picture of a snowman I have finished and sold that is what the "aliens" will look like when they are finished.

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