Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good news Christmas is comin....

I know I am not ready either however thought I would show you what is going on around our house. Between mulching leaves and cleaning out flower beds, Don is putting up our Christmas lights while the weather is nice. It has been in the 70's all week and he is getting jump start on it. Better then going up on that roof when it is cold, windy and rainy.
This year we are using colored icicle lights. I did get tired of the white little lights so last year after Christmas we bought all new icicle lights in colors. Can't wait to see them lite. He has to put the nativity scene out yet but that can be done in the cold weather. He did get it out and put it in the garage so at Thanksgiving day we will be putting it up.


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Simple Country Blessings said...

Don't jump Don! LOL
Send your hubby to my place to put up lights! He does a great job!
I can't believe how fast this year has just whizzed by!