Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My newest Christmas project

Ok so it looks like one of those years I am going to decorate to the highest degree. I do take spells when I don't even care if the tree is up or not but this is not one of those years. So I decided to make myself some Christmas time valances for my kitchen window. First I had to think of a theme and since I already had some and really like the theme I picked GINGERBREAD as my theme. So I found some homespun at Walmart and bought it, got a valance out I did not use and measured it and that is what I will make my pattern from. Next I needed to find a gingerbread pattern I liked(still working on this) then I looked for some fabric to makes gingers out of to machine applique onto the homespun. Now mind you I have enough fabric in my shop to fill a semi truck but do you think I had any that was the color of gingerbread??? answer to that is NO NO NO. So off to Walmart again and well they didn't have what was in my mind but I found something I am going to work with HOWEVER I did get a fantastic buy on halloween shirts for next year. I bought six of them for one dollar each YES you heard me right one dollar. WOw and last week I was going to buy them when they were marked down to 7 dollars so you can see why I was so excited. Would never have found them if my honey. Don, wouldn't have come and got me while the lady was marking them. anyway I took some pictures of my valances in the working on them mode. When I finish them I will post pictures of them.
tomorrow I will take a picture of each of my new shirts.
toodles for tonight biggest loser is coming on. My favorite show plus dancing with the stars.

here is the homespun for the valance

picture of my cplg ornaments ready to be shipped out. Notice I wrapped each one.


Maureen said...

Can't wait to see your finished valance. lol, I am in a "don't feel like majorly decorating mood" this Christmas but we'll see what happens when I start dragging out the boxes. You are SO lucky that your husband is such a big helper.

simplysally said...

Hello Pat~
Just ran across your blog and wanted to say hello. Have fund decorating ~ Happy Holidays

Wolfie said...

Great idea!! Love it!!

BTW: I nominated you for an award. Visit my blog to see what it is.