Thursday, June 25, 2009

vacation in Daytona Beach Florida

Oh it is vacation time and I love love love it down here just a few pictures of our vacation. We went to our former pastors and Leta's house for a few days in Saint Cloud before we came over here to Daytona. Bro. Todd has had detached retina surgery and Leta is having alot of trouble with her blood pressure but we still had a wonderful time. We arrived in Florida during a heat wave. Did not know they even had those down here. But the beach and pool make it really nice down here.
Here is a picture of Bro.Todd with his head down. He has to sit with his head down for about 4 hours a day. He has a little rigged up item that he uses and of coarse we had to kid around with him.

Ok this is really how he has to sit for four hours a day and that is IZZY RUNNING away from me taking his picture.

Here is breakfast at the Todds.Bro. Todd and Cindy in the fridge "fixing" our breakfast.

Leta eating breakfast. Notice the nice fruit bowl Bro.Todd cut up to feed us

we had a pizza party and here is Bro. Todd and lisa(his baby girl)


ok here we are Bro.Todd, Leta,Chuck,cindy and Don playing dominoes around the table in the evening

Ok from here on down is ALL Daytona beach and the pool(with us in it) the ocean, the table we sit around by the pool and ocean we are all just relaxed and having a great vacation

Here is a picture of Me and Don down by the pool and ocean

will post more later time to go play


Maureen said...

Pat it looks like you and hubs are having a wonderful time! It finally warmed up here while you have been away. I can't imagine having to lay like that for 4 hours. I hope the treatment helps Pastor.
Look forward to hearing from you in CPLG!

Janna~Country Creek Creations said...

Looks like a great time. The pool is so sparkling! Wish I had one to jump in right now. I can imagine why you hate coming back from there. It looks absolutely relaxing!

Doris said...

Loved the pictures. I always enjoy pictures of people having a good time. These are great.