Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just a walk around the house

Well finally took some pictures of the yard and new pool deck(well not a new deck) just revamped deck. Don painted it, put lattice around the bottom to cover all the junk under it, and we bought a market umbrella and still to be done, new stones around the pool and deck, furniture added up there and welll last but not least we need to open the pool BUT the cotton wood seeds are a blowing very badly right now so as soon as they are done we will open it.

Now here are some pictures of the front of the house decorated for summer time
my favorite time of year besides spring,and fall.

Now I will share with you one of my favorite little corners on the side of my front porch. I just love my frogs even though they are really starting to show their age(about 6 yrs old)

Now i will just take you around to some of my flower beds. Pictures just do not do them justice they are beautiful in person. Weedy but pretty. The mosquitoes are sooooooooo soooooo bad I cannot even get out there and work(I am allergic to bug sprays so we just enjoy the weeed along with the flowers)


Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

I love your yard! Thanks for sharing pics! I got an email about keeping mosquitos away with listerine! Put some in a spray bottle and spray the area your going to be in and they hate the stuff! Hope this helps! (((HUGZ)))

KKL Primitives said...

Your home and yard are very lovely!!I especially love that last photo.

Doris said...

What a lovely yard. Thanks for sharing.