Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little of this Little of that

Ok I am trying to keep you updated with my *yawn* boring life. I was in my shop today painting faces, sewing doll clothes, and well you will see just taking this and that pictures. IF* and I know it will* the snow ever goes away and IF *I know it will* the sun ever comes out again I will be able to get out of this house and go ???? who cares anywhere. Although I am getting tired of just going to the grocery store. I am ready for a trip to florida and visit some family and friends but gotta wait until the interstate is just a bit cleaner. So here are the pictures I took today in my little world.

Here is a picture of a dress I am finishing that goes on a sock monkey doll

Ok here are some dolls waiting patiently to be put up for sale. They have been so good just sitting there waiting for picture taking.

Ok this is what I should be doing BUT I am not. shame shame shame on me

Here she is laying there. I just finished her face and now she is listed on ebay waiting for a new home. Want to bid on her??? Here is where you need to click YELLOWSWEETPOTATO
Just thought I would take a picture of Don's star trek pez's he got for Christmas. Aren't they cute????

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Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

OMGosh! Gurl! I just popped by your blog! I am sooo in love with your dolls! Love the sock monkeys!!! I have my bid in! I have been wanting one of your dolls for sooo long! I hope I get her!
Aren't you tired of the winter? LOL I know I am!!! I know the summer is going to get here and we are all going to be complaining about the heat! LOL
Nutt :)