Monday, September 14, 2009

Last of the summer flowers

Sad to say but my summer flowers are fading away HOWEVER my all time favorite flowers are blooming. I just love mums and last winter most of mine died out. Judi(my neighbor) got me three of them for watering her flowers while they were on vacation. Her flowers are like a huge park I will post pictures some day. Meanwhile I walked around the yard and snapped some pictures. The pool has its winter cover on it now and the mums are blooming but my gourds just keep on vining.

Don and Lily enjoying the warm fall sunshine while eating lunch


Maureen said...

Mums are my favorite too Pat. There are so many beautiful colors to pick from and they smell wonderful too. I was wondering what is the tall feathery looking plant in the middle of the fourth picture up from the bottom?

The crafty granny said...

thanks Mo what you see is cosmos
I bought 10 cent seeds at the dollar store threw them in there and these giant flowers came up they now have purple/pink flowers on them will take a picture if it isn't tooooo rainy here tomorrow